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JavaScript Dialect

JS can be written in many different forms these days with many additional features. Leveraging an specific dialect instead of pure JS can improve your developer experience. Select your preferred dialect, please.

Frontend Framework

Are you developing a frontend application, e-commerce platform or a website? Leveraging a popular framework can improve the development speed significantly. Select your preferred frontend framework or library.

Test Framework

Running automated tests can improve the reliability of your code as well as help you design a better architecture. Are you writing unit or integration tests? Select your preferred test framework, please.

Recommended Rules

With the default configuration several issues can still slip through the code review. Reasonable complexity limits, performance checks and security rules can improve your codebase significantly. Do you want to apply additional recommended linting rules?

What's Next

Copy the config file to the root of your GIT repository so your IDE can run the analysis for you and prove valuable feedback.

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Do you want to enforce best practices across your team? Codeac can analyze every commit automatically in the cloud.

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ESLint statically analyzes your project to quickly find code smells. You can integrate ESLint into most text editors and extend it with many plugins for specific frameworks and libraries.

Decrease Technical Debt

Codeac Cyclomatic complexity

In its simplest form, Cyclomatic Complexity in JavaScript is a count of the number of decisions in the source code. The higher the count, the more complex the code. Codeac helps you manage technical debt and merge with confidence.

Measure Complexity

Find Refactoring Opportunities

Performing an await operation on each element of an iterable is an indication that the program is not taking full advantage of the parallelization.

All the promises should be created at once, then accessed using Promise.all(). Otherwise, each successive operation will not start until the previous one has completed.

Improve Code Performance

ESLint Await in Loops Rule

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