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Versioned Configuration

Simply add the configuration file into GIT repository and sign up with your favorite VCS provider. Boost your DevOps pipeline to the next level.

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version: '1'

      - playbooks/**/*.yml
      - roles/



version: '1'

      - path/to/terraform

AWS CloudFormation


  - "**/*.yaml"
  - "**/*.yml"
  - "**/*.json"
  - I



version: '1'

      - "**/*.yml"

Declarative Ansible

Ansible - Commands should not change thing if nothing needs doing

Ansible’s philosophy is that it should be declarative. Changing things only when they are needed improves your reliability as well as execution performance. Also, proper task names add documentation to your playbook.

Analyze your Ansible

AWS CloudFormation

Make sure to declare correct behavior for deletion on specific AWS resources to prevent accidental data loss.

Keep your CloudFormation template as simple as possible. Your infrastructure description becomes more clean and maintainable when you remove unneeded transformations.

Scan your infrastructure

AWS CloudFormation - DynamoDB deletion policy

Terraform SSL / TLS validation

Terraform - Outdated SSL / TLS protocol

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 reached End of Life and were deprecated by several web browsers and cloud vendors. Using TLS 1.2 or newer is recommended for majority of applications. Run a quick security scan on your repository now.

Run security check

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Get visibility into the actual health of your projects and track its quality evolution over time in many other supported languages. We have your full-stack covered:

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