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Forget Conditionals in PHP

Master polymorphism in a free webinar.

Conditionals vs. Polymorphism

IFs are an indispensable construct for most of us in programming. However, they increase the complexity of the code and it is not always easy to test them well.

But don't despair, we have better mechanisms for branching business logic in OOP. Let's refactor a few typical examples and show you how to fully master the power of polymorphism together so we can write better code.

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Conditionals vs. Polymorphism

This webinar took place on 14. 12. 2021.

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Michal Šimon


When Michal finished university, he bought a plane ticket, flew to Silicon Valley and looked for a job as a developer in a startup. After few years he came back and started his own business to help developers fight technical debt and deliver high-quality software faster.

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