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Decrease Technical Debt

Get visibility into your Python technical debt and plan informed sprints by knowing exactly what to tackle and how long it will take.

Codeac has already found 3 000 299 514 issues across all our users' repositories.

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Remediate Critical Vulnerabilities

Codeac SQL Injection detection

One of the most common attacking techniques on the web is SQL Injection. A successful exploit can read or modify sensitive data from the database. Codeac helps you find not sanitized inputs to mitigate the possible attack.

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Identify Security Threats

The use of hardcoded passwords increases the possibility of password guessing tremendously. If passwords are hardcoded, it is almost certain that malicious users will gain access through the account. Codeac can help you find these occurrences.

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Codeac hardcoded password detection

Detect Cross Site Scripting

Codeac Cross Site Scripting detection

When autoescaping is enabled, Jinja2 will filter input strings to escape any HTML submitted via template variables. Without escaping HTML input the application becomes vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Prevent potential attacks in your project with Codeac.

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