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Apply security best practices to your Terraform Infrastructure as Code and boost your DevSecOps pipeline to the next level.

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Outdated SSL / TLS protocol

Terraform - Outdated SSL / TLS protocol

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 reached End of Life and were deprecated by several web browsers and cloud vendors. Using TLS 1.2 or newer is recommended for majority of applications. Codeac scans each change in your Infrastructure as Code repository and pinpoints potential security threads.

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Firewall Configuration

Allowing all IP addresses to access your network is considered as serious security problem which can publicly expose your resources and data. Codeac helps you automatically detect these occurrences in your Terraform templates so you can quickly remediate them before production deployment.

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Azure Network Security Rule Fully Open

Secret Detection

Terraform - Sensitive attribute detection

Storing sensitive data in plain text directly in your Terraform templates is considered as a security issue. Leveraging cloud native services like Valut and Secrets Manager or encrypted files (KMS, PGP, SOPS) is preferred.

Eliminate manual, error-prone code reviews that require deep subject matter expertise on every team. Turn IaC security best practices into code fixes in your developers’ workflow.

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Get visibility into the actual health of your projects and track its quality evolution over time in many other supported languages. We have your full-stack covered:

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